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VideoKit is the easiest way to embed beautiful and flexible video calling into your collaborative apps–in just a few minutes!

VideoKit demo

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To get started, just include our SDK and then initialize a call. We need just an apiKey, a callId, and a container. Here's a full working example to discover just how easy it is to get up and running with VideoKit!

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<div id="videoEl"></div>

<script src="//"></script>
    apiKey: '49f68a5',
    callId: 'my-call-1293487',
    container: '#videoEl'


Video streams and controls

Control the layout and appearance of your video call interface by adding style parameters or your own external stylesheet URL

Participants details

Allow call participants to manage their public details, like their name and avatar, or pass along user attributes your app already uses


Leverage the browser Screen Capture API to let call participants to share their desktop, window, or tab


Coming soon

Message call participants in real-time using text-based chat with built-in previews, links, files, and notifications


Coming soon

Capture video calls from a neutral point-of-view and store them in the cloud, works for both mobile and desktop users

Use cases

  • Social Hour uses VideoKit to host virtual social events by leveraging a lobby call for announcements and breakout rooms for individual tables.

    Social Hour screenshot
  • Tuti

    Tuti transformed multiplayer games by easily adding a VideoKit video call into their interface and enabling non-verbal feedback to send emoji reactions.

    Tuti screenshot
  • WhiteBoardParty

    WhiteboardParty digitized the in-person experience of whiteboarding. They integrated VideoKit and merged user details so each video call participant was tied to their whiteboard edits.

    WhiteBoardParty screenshot



Test and Launch

Build and ship your personal projects and MVPs using our customizable set of features

  • 10,000 monthly participant minutes
  • Up to 25 participants per room
  • API and SDK integration assistance
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Grow your business and get tailored solutions, volume pricing, and dedicated support

  • Access to cloud recording features
  • No limits on participants and minutes
  • Premium support and integration assistance
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